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TGIF! We all love to have a drink to wind down after a long day. With these really amazing and unique, you will enjoy your pint of beer differently and in a more interesting way. Cheers!

1. Hot Rod Oil Beer designed by Mirbach Schmolzi Design
Mirbach Schmolzi Design is a successful German package design agency operating in the field of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG). Many of our designs work very well, even if they have to submit to the compromises of the market. Fortunately, there are also projects a client is open to new ideas, concepts and design approaches, design concepts people have never seen before and Hot Rod Oil is born this way.

2. Noble Rey Brewery Co. Cans designed by Magnificent Beard
Our initial vision was to craft an illustrated persona for each brew, but the real estate on cans is slim and Texas beer coolers are overcrowded. So we opted to create an ownable stacking system that creates a full body character when the cans are stacked two tall. These cans are hard to miss when you’re browsing the beer cooler…or double fisting. – See more at: http://www.packagingoftheworld.com/2016/07/noble-rey-brewery-co-cans.html#sthash.98BoFOzy.dpuf

3. Probus Brewery designed by FLOV Creative Agency
Probus Brewery is a Polish brewery with a strong historical background, located in Lower Silesia. When they decided to start to brew craft beer, using new wave styles, they asked us for help. We created whole concept of label series, dedicated to craft beer lovers. Labels present fictional events and heroes from the future, show our vision of the world without “human and nature”. The second series of beer is based on traditional beer styles and the real, historical labels. But that is another story …

4. Deutschе Erbschaft designed by KIAN branding agency
The creative concept of the German brand was based on a true story. While travelling through Europe in search of equipment for a new factory the owners of NBC met Fischka, an elderly brewer, in the south of Germany, whose family was engaged in this craft for seven generations. Fischka said that, unfortunately, he could not continue the famous dynasty of brewers as he had only daughters, who did not want to become the successors of the family craft. Therefore, he was happy to pass his brewery in the hands of young professionals from distant Siberia. Thus, the story of German heritage ‘Deutsche Erbschaf’ was born.

5. Blondy designed by Diferente
A burger is best enjoyed with a beer, that’s why Tio Joe decided that the first expansion of its brand was a range of rustic beers. Each beer of the range will be inspired in the memories of fields visited by Tio Joe. For Blondy’s case, a field where the sunset and the earth join together to grow out the purest and blondest wheat ever seen.

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