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Sell your packaging related files to our thriving community of buyers

Do you make beautiful packaging mock-ups, 3D, fonts, or labels you’d love to sell? Come open a shop on Packreate, and let us help promote your work to millions of people.

Fill up the registration form below. Packreate is based on a royalty-free stock model. This means that you can sell as many licenses as you want. Once you upload an item, it will be made live after reviewing it.

After registration, you will be brought to your author dashboard where you can upload your first item for review.



You as a seller

You put in the hard work to create amazing products.  You deserve more from each sale. There is also no exclusivity rule, you’re free to sell your items elsewhere and still get 70% earning share

We will do the rest

We’ll use our share to market your work and all the processing, server and marketing fees so you can concentrate on just creating awesome works. How about that?

Huge rewards as you upload more

25 items approved

1000 credits reward

(worth $10)

50 items approved

5000 credits reward

(worth $50)

100 items approved

10000 credits reward

(worth $100)

500 items approved

50000 credits reward

(worth $500)


How does it work

Uploading Items

Adding your hard worked files to our marketplace is now a breeze. With our new author dashboard, you can upload your creation, set your price and edit it whenever you like. All uploaded items will be reviewed and made live within 1-2 working days.

Item Pricing

It’s your creation and it’s your call. We do have a minimum pricing limit for all items. We know when you spend time creating something awesome, an awesome price should also reflect on the item.

Item Approval Proccess

All items go through our standard approval process. We take the quality of the items very seriously, that’s how we keep Packreate as the place to go to for packaging design files. Take a look at the submission rules for more information.

Payment Schedule

When you sell an item, earnings will be deposited into your account balance. Once your balance has reached $150, your payment will be automatically credited to your PayPal account on the 14th -20th of the next month (if you hit $150 on January, you will be paid on February) , there is no need to request for a payout.

The Submission Rules

At Packreate, you as an author should always abide by the following rules:

  1. Remember, Packreate is all about helping packaging designers to speed up their work, you can only upload related packaging assets
  2. Everything you upload and sell as an author must be your own original content.
  3. Do not upload items that contain explicit profanity, nudity or extreme violence.
  4. All uploads should be packaging / product design related.
  5. Do not buy your own items.

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