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5 really cool beer packaging design

September 17, 2016 - By 

TGIF! We all love to have a drink to wind down after a long day. With these really amazing and unique, you will enjoy your pint of beer differently and in a more interesting way. Cheers!

1. Hot Rod Oil Beer designed by Mirbach Schmolzi Design
Mirbach Schmolzi Design is a successful German package design agency operating in the field of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG). Many of our designs work very well, even if they have to submit to the compromises of the market. Fortunately, there are also projects a client is open to new ideas, concepts and design approaches, design concepts people have never seen before and Hot Rod Oil is born this way.

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8 gorgeous design for bottles & jars packaging

February 4, 2016 - By 

When we were young, we love to dip our fingers into those jam bottles when mum is not looking. What makes us do that? You might think it was the un-stoppable satisfaction of sugar rush.

Today I’m going to showcase 10 creative packaging designs that not only makes you want to dip your finger into them but also tell you a story with their exceptional designs. Scroll down and take a look for yourself.
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Packaging of the World to Help Expand Packreate Network

January 29, 2016 - By 

Packaging of the World, a prominent package design website, has announced a partnership with Packreate that will make the packaging marketplace the web’s largest.

January 28, 2016 – Since 2008, Packaging of the World has become a prominent package design website, and announces a new partnership with Packreate, the ultimate package design content marketplace. That means the packaging design assets and mockups on the marketplace will now be highly visible to more than one million viewers monthly. Designers will now have their work seen by a worldwide audience on what is already one of the Internet’s leading packaging design blogs.

Packaging of the World currently has thousands of archived projects. Manufacturers, suppliers, graphic designers, and packaging designers view these entries as do advertising agencies and students. The site has potentially thousands of viewers at any given time. With such a pull, it can support the company’s dream for Packreate, which to make it the largest packaging assets marketplace online.

Packreate is a searchable marketplace. It provides packaging mockups for household packaged goods, wine, food, beer, spirits/liquors, beauty items, health products, and snacks. The marketplace also has a repository of 3D files that can be purchased and used as templates for packaging. In fact, some items can even be downloaded for free.

Now that the marketplace has joined Packaging of the World, even more designers can discover innovative and creative solutions for their projects. It is a direct resource. Packaging designers around the world will now have immediate access to all the latest packaging assets.

Packaging of the World features a database of business listings that include contract packagers, design and branding firms, manufacturers, distributors, and freelancers plus other categories. The directory is searchable by city and country.

In addition, a world map of listing is available. The registration process is simple but Packreate is now a solid member and its design products and services will be highly visible on the Packaging of the World marketplace.

About Packaging of the World

Packaging of the World has quickly grown into one of the Internet’s leading packaging design blogs since being launched in 2008. Designers from global agencies to students can publish their creative projects. An audience of packaging designers, graphic designers, manufacturers, suppliers, advertising agencies, and students can access thousands of projects currently in the archive. The company was founded by Derrick Lin who began a collection of packaging designs for personal reference. Its online gallery now brings in 1 million monthly visitors.

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