WTM – What’s the mockup? Tesco Mixers Range

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Today we look into the type of mock-ups designers / agencies use. You can find a similar Soda Bottles Mock-Ups like this Tesco Mixers Range over here at Packreate.


Soda Packaging

The sparkling drinks are intended as mixers and include Indian Tonic Water, Soda Water and Bitter Lemon flavours, featuring low-calorie options. The redesign has also included shrink-wrapped 6x 250ml and 4x 1litre multipacks. According to Simon Pemberton, P&W Partner: “The packaging redesigns for the mixers range have been brought up-to-date with these colourful contemporary solutions with a nod towards traditional, nostalgic packaging. We hear that consumers have had an exceedingly positive response to the new designs and flavour options, including Indian Tonic Water with Jasmine”.

To download and purchase the mock-ups, please click the picture below

Screenshot 2016-05-10 19.12.04

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