How Designers Can Save Time Using PSD Mock-Ups

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Are you preparing for your project presentation and you are finding a suitable packaging to put in your precious creation onto a wine bottle or can drink?

We know building a mock-up from scratch is no easy task. You do not want to spend time running to the nearest supermarket, shop for your wine bottle, peel off the label, clean up the residue left behind by the label, set up lights to shoot the bottle yourself or hire a professional to get it done. You are not done yet, now you have to open the photo up in Photoshop and path out the product to get rid of the background and then do whatever adjustments you need to get it looking good.

You might get really exhausted by the end of this and you may discover there are more things in the presentation you have left out at the end of the day. Luckily, there’s a way you can cut your work time in half and still deliver great results. The only thing missing from a mock-up template are the branding and aesthetics that are unique to your project.

Here are some reasons why packaging mock-ups will save you time and money:

1) You do not have to travel to buy the stuffs

2) You do not have to spend money buying the packaging. A wine might cost you above 10 USD and you can many mock-ups below that price in Packreate

3) You do not have peel off the label and clean up the residue or whatever left behind on the packaging

4) You do not have to hire a professional photographer

5) You do not have to do digital imaging to the photo

Mock-ups for concept presentation
Many clients need a designer / agency to design a packaging for their brand. Creating a mock-up from scratch could take days or even weeks. There are tons of mock-up templates online to choose from and below are some of the points to look out for when you are shopping for one.

1) Is the label a smart object? Smart objects are a breeze when editing a mock-up file.


Easily place your own text or logo with smart objects

2) Is it in layers? A good template file is often neatly organized in folders and color coded to make your work easier.



Layers are all color coded for easy reference


3) Are the highlights and shadows movable? It is important that you could move the lights and shadows around however you like.


Check out the number of highlights and shadows you can customize


4) Is the image high-res enough? You may need it for presentation for now but you may need to print it so a print quality resolution is also important.

A high resolution mock-up is an important factor for printing

5) Can you change colors easily? It is important for a packaging to be able to adapt to different colors to make a packaging system.

Make sure the colors on the packaging labels can be easily edited

6) Are the elements of the packaging in separate layers? Freedom to move labels, caps etc.

Make sure layers are neat and can be moved around

Best Bang for Your Buck
If you do your research, you’ll find many mock-ups floating around the web. But not all of them give you the best bang for your buck. Many of them are overpriced, have poor graphics and you may end up spending more time trying to figure out how to use them. Make sure to check if the file contains most of the important points above when you are shopping for a packaging mock-up file online. You may wish to purchase the wine bottle that is featured in this blog post over here at Packreate.


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